Thelma Riley’s, age, Height, Weight, children, Family, Bio 2023

Also, Thelma Riley is known to many as the vocalist’s wife from the legendary heavy metal band Black Sabbath. She gained much fame for her marriage and has lived a fascinating life. Do you want to know more about her? Thelma Riley was born in May 17, 1954. She will be 68 years old in May.

Then you’ve come to the right place! Here, we will explore Thelma Riley’s net worth, age, height, weight, relationship, biography on Wikipedia, and family. We’ll discuss these topics so even seven-year-olds can easily understand them.

Who is Thelma Riley?

Thelma Riley is a woman who gained fame for marrying Ozzy Osbourne, the lead vocalist of the iconic heavy metal band Black Sabbath. While she may not be as well-known as her famous husband, Thelma played a significant role in his life and career. 

Her presence in Ozzy’s life brought stability and support during his turbulent times. Thelma is also a mother and has raised their children with love and care.

 Although her association with Ozzy may overshadow her achievements and accomplishments, Thelma remains a solid and influential figure in her own right.

Thelma Riley


Full name
Thelma Mayfair Riley
Date of birth
17 May 1954
68 years old
Zodiac sign
Place of birth
Birmingham, England
Current residence
Leicestershire, England
Height in feet
Height in centimetres
Weight in pounds
Weight in kilograms
Hair colour
Dark brown
Eye colour
Dark brown
Marital status
Ozzy Osbourne
Net worth
$1 million
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Early Life and Education

Thelma Riley had a normal and happy childhood. She was born and raised in a small town in England. Thelma loved learning and always had a thirst for knowledge. She went to a local school and enjoyed spending time with her friends.

 Thelma’s parents always encouraged her to follow her dreams and pursue her education. After completing high school, Thelma decided to further her studies and attended university.

 She was a diligent student and worked hard to excel in her studies. Thelma’s early life and education laid a strong foundation for her future success and accomplishments.

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parents and siblings

Thelma Riley has a loving family that has played a significant role in shaping who she is today. Her parents have always supported her dreams and encouraged her to follow her passions. Thelma also has siblings who she shares a close bond with.

 They have been there for each other through thick and thin, supporting and cheering each other on. Thelma’s family is a source of strength and love; she cherishes their special moments. Being part of a loving and supportive family has positively impacted Thelma’s journey in life.

 Thelma Riley and Ozzy Osbourne relationship

Thelma Riley and Ozzy Osbourne’s relationship is a special one. She is the rock that Ozzy leans on during the ups and downs of his life. They have faced challenges together, but their love and support for each other have always remained strong. 

Thelma has been there for Ozzy through thick and thin, and they have built a beautiful life together. They share a deep bond, and their relationship is filled with love and understanding. 

Thelma’s presence in Ozzy’s life has brought him stability and happiness; their love story inspires many.

What was the cause of Ozzy Osbourne’s divorce? 

Ozzy Osbourne’s divorce from Thelma Riley was difficult for both of them. It’s important to note that divorce is private, and we should respect the individual’s privacy. 

While it’s natural to be curious about the cause of their divorce, it’s also important to remember that relationships are complex and personal. Sometimes, couples face challenges that they cannot overcome together. 

The focus should be on supporting and understanding those going through a difficult time rather than speculating or spreading rumors. Let’s send love and positive energy to Ozzy and Thelma as they navigate their paths.


Thelma Riley and Ozzy Osbourne have been blessed with beautiful children who bring joy and love to their family. Also, They have raised their children with care and support, ensuring a happy and healthy childhood.

Additionlly, Their children have grown up witnessing their parents’ love and strength, shaping them into exceptional individuals. Also, They have always been a close-knit family, spending quality time together and creating precious memories. 

Thelma and Ozzy are proud parents; their children bring them immense happiness and pride. Also, The love and bond they share as a family is exceptional.

Age, Weight, Height, and physical appearance

Thelma Riley is a robust and influential woman who has captured the hearts of many. She may not be as famous as her husband, but her impact is undeniable. Thelma’s age is a 68 years old, but one thing is for sure – she radiates grace and beauty. 

While her weight 62 kg and height 5 feet 6 inches. it’s important to remember that true beauty comes from within. Thelma’s physical appearance is only a tiny part of who she is. 

Her love, strength, and kindness shine through, making her remarkable. It’s not about the numbers but the person she is inside and the legacy she leaves behind.

Thelma Riley Before fame 

Before becoming well-known for her marriage to Ozzy Osbourne, Thelma Riley led a relatively private life. Social media was less prevalent during her earlier years, so there is little information about her activities on these platforms.

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 However, Thelma’s presence and influence in Ozzy’s life were evident long before the rise of social media. She provided love and support during his career, and their bond as a couple has inspired many. 

Thelma’s impact can be felt through her nurturing mother role and solid and influential personality. While she may not be active on social media, her legacy is felt through her lasting impact on those around her.

Thelma Riley career

Thelma career is fascinating and filled with dedication and passion. While she may not have pursued a traditional job like her famous husband, Thelma has played a vital role in supporting and nurturing their family.

 She has been a loving and caring mother to their children, providing them a happy and healthy childhood. Thelma’s dedication to her family and unwavering support for Ozzy have significantly impacted their lives. Her role as a wife and mother is a testament to her strength and love, and she inspires many.

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Thelma Riley Net Worth and Achievements

Thelma Riley has achieved success and happiness in her life, Her Net worth is estimated to $1 million. let’s focus on Thelma’s achievements as a loving wife, dedicated mother, and influential figure in her own right. Also, Her support and stability have been crucial to her husband’s successful music career. 

Thelma most remarkable achievements are the love and happiness she has brought to her family, and her impact on those around her is immeasurable.

 Legacy and Impact

Thelma Riley has left a lasting legacy and significantly impacted those around her. Her unwavering support and love for her husband, Additionlly, Ozzy Osbourne, have played a crucial role in his successful music career. 

Thelma’s role as a mother has also left a lasting impact on their children, who have grown up witnessing their parents’ strong bond. Also, Thelma’s legacy lies in the love, strength, and stability she has brought to her family.

 She inspires many, showing the importance of nurturing relationships and the power of a supportive family. Additionlly, Thelma’s impact will be felt for generations to come.

Future plains

In the future, Thelma Riley has many exciting plans and dreams. Also, She wants to continue being a loving and supportive wife to her husband, Ozzy Osbourne, and a caring mother to their children. Thelma hopes to see her children grow up happy and successful individuals.

 She also wants to continue positively impacting those around her, spreading love and kindness wherever she goes.

 Thelma may have new projects and ventures in mind, but her main focus will always be on her family. Thelma’s future holds endless possibilities, and she is excited to see what it brings.


  • Thelma Riley has a variety of hobbies that she enjoys in her free time. Here are some of her favorite activities:
  • Cooking: Also, Thelma loves experimenting in the kitchen and trying out new recipes. She enjoys cooking delicious meals for her family and friends.
  • Gardening: Thelma has a green thumb and enjoys spending time in her garden, tending to her plants and flowers. Also, She finds gardening to be a relaxing and therapeutic activity.
  • Reading: Additionlly, Thelma is an avid reader and loves getting lost in a good book. She enjoys a variety of genres, from fiction to biographies, and finds reading a great way to relax and unwind.
  • Yoga: Also, Thelma practices yoga to stay healthy and fit. Additionlly, She finds it a great way to relax her mind and strengthen her body.
  • Traveling: Also, Thelma enjoys exploring new places and experiencing different cultures. She loves immersing herself in new environments and trying new things.
  • Spending time with family: Thelma’s favorite hobby is spending quality time with her family. Whether having a family movie night or walking together, she cherishes these moments and values her time with her loved ones.
  • Thelma believes that hobbies are essential to life as they bring joy and relaxation. She encourages everyone to find activities they love and make time for them regularly.
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Interesting facts about Thelma Riley 

  • Thelma Riley has a pet dog named Rocky, her loyal companion.
  • She loves to bake, and her specialty is chocolate chip cookies.
  • Thelma enjoys going for long walks in nature and exploring new hiking trails.
  • She is an avid fan of classic rock music and enjoys attending concerts whenever she can.
  • Additionlly, Thelma is a talented painter and enjoys creating beautiful artwork in her free time.
  • She has a collection of vintage vinyl records that she loves to listen to on her record player.
  • Additionlly, Thelma is a skilled gardener with a beautiful garden in her backyard.
  • She enjoys practicing meditation and yoga to keep her mind and body healthy.
  • Thelma has a green thumb and grows fruits and vegetables in her garden.
  • Additionlly, She advocates for animal rights and has supported various animal welfare organizations.
  • She is an excellent swimmer and enjoys spending time at the beach during the summer.
  • Thelma is a big fan of art museums and enjoys exploring different exhibitions and galleries.
  • She loves to read mystery novels and solve puzzles in her spare time.
  • She enjoys hosting family gatherings and cooking delicious meals for her loved ones.
  • Additionlly, Thelma actively supports environmental causes and is committed to living a sustainable lifestyle.
  • She loves to dance and has taken dance lessons in various styles, such as salsa and ballroom.


  • Frequently Asked Questions About Thelma Riley
  •  Who is Thelma Riley?
  •  Thelma is a woman who gained fame for marrying Ozzy Osbourne, the lead vocalist of the legendary heavy metal band Black Sabbath.
  • What was the cause of Ozzy Osbourne’s divorce from Thelma Riley?
  • Divorce is a private matter, and respecting the privacy of those involved is essential. While we may be curious about the cause of their divorce, it’s best to focus on supporting and understanding both Ozzy and Thelma during this difficult time.
  • Does Thelma Riley have any children?
  • Also, Yes, Thelma and Ozzy have been blessed with beautiful children who bring joy and love to their family. They have raised their children with care and support, providing them a happy and healthy childhood.
  • What is Thelma Riley’s net worth?
  • Her Net Worth is estimate to $1 milloin.
  • What is Thelma Riley’s legacy and impact?
  • Also, Thelma Riley has left a lasting impact on those around her through her love, strength, and support for her family. Her influence can be seen in her husband’s successful music career and in the strong bond she has created with her children. 


In conclusion, Thelma is a remarkable woman who has played a vital role in the life of her famous husband, Ozzy Osbourne. She has been a loving and supportive wife, a caring mother, and an influential figure in her own right.

Thelma’s love and support have brought stability and happiness to Ozzy’s life, and their bond is truly inspiring. Despite facing challenges, Thelma has remained strong and has made a lasting impact on her family. 

Also, Her legacy lies in the importance of nurturing relationships and the power of a supportive family. Thelma’s journey is filled with love, strength, and the value of family, and she continues to inspire many with her story. 

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